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We are currently involved in large volume exports of the following items:
  • Processed Betonite/ Packing in 50kgs bags
  • EAU DED Perfumes/ Packing in 200 ltrs drums
  • Gelletin Capsules/ Packing: 50kgs. Bags/Drums
  • Endosulfan Formulation/ Packing 25kgs/bag
  • Chlorpyriphos Technical/ Packing: 200kgs/barrel
  • Carbofuran Granules/ Packing: 50kgs/bag
  • Mancozeb Formulation/ Packing: 50kgs/bag
  • Alpha Cypermethrin Technical/ Packing: 200kgs/drum
  • Emulsol - 200 (Industrial Lubricant)/ Packing: 200kgs. M. S. Drums
  • Emulsol- 640D (D-Emulsifier)/ Packing: 200kgs. M. S. Drums
  • Emulsol-150B (Liquid Shoe Polish)/ Packing: 200 kgs. M. S. Drums
  • Emulsol- 2000 (Glycerol Water)/Packing: 200kgs. M.S. Drums
  • Emulsol- 60F (Lamination Adhesive)/Packing: 200kgs. M.S. Drums
  • Efmate- 200 (coffee essence)/ Packing: 200kgs. barrels
  • Orsauce (Hot Sauce Ketchup/ Food Preparation)/ Packing: 200 kgs. Barrels
  • Neem Extract / Packing: 299 kgs. Barrels