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About BLS

BLS Trade Linkers, is a global business enterprise headquartered in Hong Kong, committed to achieving the highest standards of service by meeting needs of International Businesses through competitive pricing, reliable quality and professionalism. Established in 1983. Its parent company which was established since 1969 has built a solid reputation amongst customers and suppliers all around the world. By leveraging its global networks and market knowledge, BLS Trade Linkers has the capacity and flexibility to respond rapidly to evolving consumer trends.

“Taking Care of all Business & Financing Needs”

We have built our expertise in the following three functions namely; Trading, Financial Services & Consulting. Our trading activities span across a multitude of global products and industries to better serve our clients. Our services also include Financing and Consulting our customers to enable them in their trade activities. Having understood that the world has gradually developed into a global village, we are committed to constantly value add in the global trade scenario through rapid innovations and developing newer market trends.  We are driven to working with reliable companies worldwide.

“Let’s Grow Together”