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International Trade Consulting

In today’s fierce business environment, companies considering sourcing or selling their products overseas must evaluate many more options than in the past and process greater amounts of information in order to make decisions. And cultural barriers and complex compliance initiatives make global trade even more of a challenge. Our experience and knowledge helps mitigate the risks of our customers, by developing a solid understanding of the international trade issues that may impact a their specific business.

Sourcing & Contract Manufacturing

We assist our customers in sourcing products from any part of the world, depending on their requirements and accurate product specifications. With excellent networks with Chinese Suppliers and Manufacturers, we even provide support in contract manufacturing products.

Logistical Support

With the support of our logistical partners in Hong Kong & China, we can provide logistical support for our customers. Our support can extend to warehousing of the products, based on specific tariffs and charges.

Shipping Assistance

We can provide shipping assistance to our customers if required in special cases. Our charges will be based on the expenses and handling fees, as well as our consulting commissions. We can help in documentations, shipment and freight forwarding.


In most cases of dealing with manufacturers, a certain level of experience and negotiation skill becomes imperative for businesses. We can assist our customers in direct negotiations with manufacturers to ensure a favourable outcome.